40 under 40 architects. Winner
VII MAV. UAB. Casa Sert. Winner

XIII Europan. Zagreb. Finalist

XIII Puig i Cadafalch Prize. ENRI. Winner
IV MAM. ENRI. Selected

Sukkah. Canada. SKCH2*. Special Mention.
Architectural League. NY. Folly 2013. Warning Circle. Finalist
Worlds of El Lissitzky. Selected 1st stage

Torture Justice Memorial. Chicago. CTJM Void. Selected
22. Modular. Chicago. Selected
VI MAV. UAB. Auditorium. Selected
VI MAV. UAB. Politics. Selected
Rosa Barba European Landscape Prize. UAB. Platforms. Selected
Rosa Barba European Landscape Prize. UAB. Psychology. Selected
Beca Mataró. Itineraris. Winner
London 2050. What would you do? Past, Present, Future?. Selected
Architectural Awards Aplus. Petits editors, grans llibres. Shortlisted
Underconstructions. FAD door. Selected
Arquitectura en positivo. CSAE. V360G. Selected
22. Compression Testing/Corrugated Cardboard. Chicago. MODAFAD. Selected

XII Puig i Cadafalch Prize. Simó. Finalist
III MAM. Simó. Selected
The Architect: what now. London. Competition. Winner
Tedx25thward. Chicago. Winner
Totem. COAC Tarragona. 2nd prize
Premis FAD. Petits editors, grans llibres. Selected
Premis FAD. UAB. Politics. Selected

AJAC-COAC. VI Young Architects Prize. MODAFAD. Winner
AJAC-COAC. VI Young Architects Prize. Torrelavit. Winner
Rosa Barba European Landscape Prize. UAB. Politics. Selected
X Saloni Architecture Prize. MODAFAD. Finalist

Ajuntament de Vilobí del Penedès. Kindergarten competition. Finalist
BIMSA. Can Rectoret competition. Finalist
AEPD. National Design Prize. FAD door. Finalist

Urban Space. New Design. Living Deco-La Vanguardia. FAD door. First prize. Ex-aequo
AJAC-COAC. VI Young Architects Prize. FAD door. Winner

VI Saloni Architecture Prize. JMP. Finalist
XI Puig i Cadafalch Prize. JMP. Finalist
II MAM. JMP. Selected
FAD. Young Emerging Architect. Winner
Ajuntament de Barcelona. Vil.la Florida competition. Shortlisted

Ajuntament de El Masnou. Masnou Townhall competition. 2nd prize

Ajuntament de Porqueres. Porqueres Townhall Competition. Shortlisted + Honorable Mention
Ajuntament de Ribes de Freser. Towhall Center Competition. Finalist

Finland. Tampere. Renewal Concrete Competition. Special Mention
Ajuntament de l’Escala. Library Competition. 3rd prize
Ayuntamiento de Madrid. M-30 Park. Selected

ARQUIA: Jury. Kazuyo Sejima. Winner
Ayuntamiento de Madrid. Open-air Auditorium. Special Mention